Finance-based travel companion

Budgy is an app for tracking and sharing common budgets during travel


Let friends stay friends

As you travel with friends, you can avoid Excel tables, endless reminders, piles of receipts, and stop annoying friends. No one needs to keep note of common expenses anymore, because now you already have a buddy tracking your budget.
Budgy is a simple to use app, which shows the amounts owed, gives personal and group expense statistics, quickly compiles reports in one click, sends reminder to borrowers, and lets friends stay friends even when money is on the line.



Our next big things


Sync among friends

You are always with your friends, even inside Budgy. Everyone on the trip can see all transactions and changes. It is simple and easy.


 Know where you spent 

The map reminds you where you spend the money on alcohol and entertainment, even if you recall nothing about it.


You are not going Dutch

All is clear without words. We are uncomfortable saying this, too. One would rather vanish into thin air than remind about a debt… Or ask Budgy, which will do it automatically. 


Fancy reports

They will help you not only easily see the past journey’s details but also help you in a business trip.


Organised statistic

Statistics will help you stop in time during a shopping rush or on the contrary, realize that hotel breakfasts turned out to be cheaper than you thought and left you with extra money for that dress…


 Budget types 

Everything is in its place. The division into groups made specifically for travelers will allow to track the trip budget easily. 


Personal Expenses

Traveling does not always mean a fun company. Budgy will vanish the solitude for a solo traveler. And staying within the budget in a foreign country is especially important when traveling alone.


Offline mode

Don’t hesitate about going to that isolated restaurant in the jungles by Mumbai. Budgy will make note of your spending even offline, and will synchronize them as soon as it finds wi-fi.


 Easy to use 

Take a notepad and a pencil with you when you travel. You will need them for sketching. And Budgy will take care of all of your financial issues, regardless of the size of your group.




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